Mpower Unlimited

Mpower Unlimited

Top leaderships and human resource managers of today’s times have realized that the growth potential of their organizations lies in the minds of their employees. Thus as more and more organizations are realizing the worth of their employees, often referring to them as human resource or the most valuable assets, they are striving to empower their minds.

In today’s cut-throat competitive world it is none other than the mind of the top-level manager as also the mind of the every-day laborer that holds the key to the organization’s growth and success. Every individual’s thoughts, decisions and actions make an organization function. Thoughts influence actions and these actions determine the outputs

It is these thoughts that can be empowered, made positive, polished and honed at M’ Power Unlimited, another jewel in Dr Prashant Bhimani’s offerings at Healthy Minds.

A behavioral training wing of Healthy Minds and specifically designed for corporate growth, M’ Power Unlimited is a class apart from regular routine trainings. This, as the M’Power Unlimited training sessions have the unique distinction of being conducted by the renowned psychologist, Dr Prashant Bhimani himself.

While these self-empowerment seminars are conducted primarily for CORPORATE audiences, they are also organized for empowerment of academic institutes, government and police personnel. Scientifically designed on Dr Bhimani’s core philosophy of harnessing the power of positivity, these seminars are professionally conducted to help individuals attain the four cornerstones of positive psychology: Relaxation, Health, Success and Happiness.