Organizations, business schools and professional universities in India have begun using psychometric tests for choosing candidates for admission, recruitment, performance evaluation and promotions.

At “Healthy Minds”, we conduct psychometric tests for individuals to help collect objective data for subjective measurements like personality, intelligence, attitude and aptitude. Thus by using the result of these tests our clients can make objective and impartial judgment while hiring people or rating their performance.

At “Healthy Minds”, we have a separate testing area where candidates can take their tests in isolation and under monitoring.


An IQ test analyses certain aspects of intelligence such as logical reasoning, math skills, spatial skills, understanding analogies and verbal skills. It indicates a person’s mental abilities vis-à-vis the abilities of others of the same age. If measured accurately, these can be reliable predictors of academic and financial success.


Aptitude test is a scientific predictor of unseen potential. Thus assessment of aptitude and ability tests at Healthy Minds is designed to assess thinking abilities with the help of logical reasoning.

The tests are mostly used by Human Resource management to assess a candidate’s capacity for the job applied for. The tests are also conducted while assigning new responsibilities to existing candidates.

While widely used during recruitment, an aptitude test can also guide an individual at an early age of student life. A student taking this test can be told his hidden abilities and shown the right career path helping him or her to develop skills accordingly.


Personality tests at Healthy Minds help quantify an individual’s personality by asking about feelings, thoughts and behavior. Individuals are asked situational questions and are required to tick a choice of action which suggests their personality type. Personality tests usually indicate to an employer the level of enthusiasm, motivation, attitude and general work style.


A projective test is a type of personality test in which the individual offers responses to ambiguous scenes, words or images. The test at Healthy Minds is based on the principle that people have unconscious thoughts or urges which can be uncovered from the kind of responses thus revealing unconscious motivations or attitudes are revealed.


A scale used to measure relationship between a husband and wife, adjustment scale is made up of 32 items which explore four interdependent dimensions between husband and wife: These are agreement, cohesion (consistency), satisfaction and expression of that satisfaction with their affective and sexual life.


A test that can reveal the causes of a marital problem, compatibility tests, as the name suggests, gives an objective data of compatibility between two individuals. This test can be taken by couples in arranged marriages for the obvious advantages of knowing their compatibility levels.


Emotional intelligenceis a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. While IQ tests can predict a significant degree of academic performance, an Emotional Quotient test can predict how their lack or presence of emotional intelligence can add value to their chances of success. Emotional intelligence test evaluates several aspects of thinking, behaving and communicating. The results can help a person improve upon their weak areas and help better their chances to succeed. It helps improve inter-personal relationships as well.