Hypnotherapy is a 100% natural, safe and drug-free type of psychotherapy involving a group of mind exercises that brings about deep relaxation and takes a human into a sub-conscious state of mind where other chaotic thoughts have no place. It is a mental state resembling a sleep-like condition which is induced by psychological suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. Thus, the person in a deeply-focused state can focus on his/her troubles without the interference of negativity:

With hypnotherarpy at Healthy Minds we

  • Help in anxiety reduction, stress management, depression elimination, exam anxiety reduction, indecision and many other life-limiting fears and phobias;
  • Release long-standing emotional issues such as feelings of worthlessness, depression, anger, anxiety, frustration and lack of self-confidence;
  • Help improve performance in issues related to study, learning and sports.
  • Help with marital adjustment, extra-marital complications, sexual dysfunction and identity concerns;
  • Help with pain management and control of cancer-related pain and other chronic pain
  • Help alleviate pre-operative anxiety
  • Replace anesthesia with the use of hypnotherapy
  • Help with weight management
  • Help de-addict from smoking, tobacco, drugs and alcohol

Myths associated with hypnotherapy

Two major myths cloud the layman’s perception of hypnosis;

  • That a human’s activities can be controlled by the practitioner. On the contrary, since hypnosis is a self-healing treatment it can actually teach people to master their own states of awareness and induce positive behavior
  • That it is a treatment for the weak-minded. On the contrary, it helps to strengthen the mind under the guidance of qualified hypnotherapists.