Clinical Services


Your psychological health needs as much attention as your physical health. In more cases than not, it has been proved that curing the first leads to improving the second. Despite this, often falling victim to a fear of social stigma, most of us ignore our psychological health needs. What most of us don’t realize is that conditions like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, anxiety, psycho-sexual abnormalities are disorders and should be cured with clinical help.

“Healthy Minds” is one such clinical help centre which transcends the stereotype medical clinic atmosphere. Here, with psychotherapy you are able to overcome the attitude, fear and stigma of addressing psychological health needs. A trained psychologist establishes a professional relationship with the patient with the object of

  • removing, modifying, or retarding existing symptoms,
  • mediating disturbed patterns of behavior,
  • promoting positive personality, growth and development, and
  • preventing oncoming psychological problems.

Hypnotherapy is a 100% natural, safe and drug-free type of psychotherapy involving a group of mind exercises that brings about deep relaxation and takes a human into a sub-conscious state of mind where other chaotic thoughts have no place. It is a mental state resembling a sleep-like condition which is induced by psychological suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. Thus, the person in a deeply-focused state can focus on his/her troubles without the interference of negativity:

With hypnotherarpy at Healthy Minds we

  • Help in anxiety reduction, stress management, depression elimination, exam anxiety reduction, indecision and many other life-limiting fears and phobias;
  • Release long-standing emotional issues such as feelings of worthlessness, depression, anger, anxiety, frustration and lack of self-confidence;
  • Help improve performance in issues related to study, learning and sports.
  • Help with marital adjustment, extra-marital complications, sexual dysfunction and identity concerns;
  • Help with pain management and control of cancer-related pain and other chronic pain
  • Help alleviate pre-operative anxiety
  • Replace anesthesia with the use of hypnotherapy
  • Help with weight management
  • Help de-addict from smoking, tobacco, drugs and alcohol

Myths associated with hypnotherapy

Two major myths cloud the layman’s perception of hypnosis;

  • That a human’s activities can be controlled by the practitioner. On the contrary, since hypnosis is a self-healing treatment it can actually teach people to master their own states of awareness and induce positive behavior
  • That it is a treatment for the weak-minded. On the contrary, it helps to strengthen the mind under the guidance of qualified hypnotherapists.
Behavior Therapy


Dr Prashant Bhimani works with patients suffering from rational emotive behavioral disorders at Healthy Minds by using the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

In such cases a person suffers from illogical thoughts and irrational beliefs such as believing that they should be loved by everyone for everything. Similarly, there are others who battle life thinking that they should be able to win everyone’s love and approval all the time. Some others think they should be thoroughly adequate and competent in everything they do. While trying to live such unrealistic lives they invariably end up with self-defeating behavior that further leads to self devaluation. This emotional response results in faulty expectations, interpretations and self demands.

At Healthy Minds, Dr Bhimani works towards changing these undesirable behaviors by using the REBT technique which restructures an individual’s belief system and self evaluation. It works towards removing the irrational “shoulds” and “oughts” and “musts” and replacing them with positive self worth.

Group Therapy

Group therapy at Healthy Minds is done with a relatively small group of clients in the clinic using various therapy procedures depending upon the age, needs and potentialities of the group members. The goal of this therapy is to help the patients achieve emotional catharsis, increased understanding and improved inter-personal competencies. The sharing of experiences and personal coping strategies help others get rid of the problem with the help psychologists.

Often stigmatized in public, some patients suffer from emotional distress and can’t open up easily even in front of a trained psychologist. Such patients are brought together in a group of fellow sufferers for a group psychological therapy.

During these sessions about 6-10 patients are made to sit next to each at the Healthy Minds clinic. Dr Bhimani then guides them to talk and express their feelings freely, thus nudging the members of the group to give support and comfort to each other.

As the session progresses and a certain level of trust is established, members begin to interact. There comes a stage when group therapy helps patients to see that they are not suffering alone and that there is hope and help. Thus, members begin expressing feelings that are most difficult for them to express elsewhere. By releasing these deep and innermost disturbing thoughts, they move towards the path of positive behavioral development.

Family Therapy

Like the name suggests, family therapy involves members of a family who have problems getting along with each other. The family members, who can be a parent-child, husband-wife, or a single member-with entire family, are made to sit in the same room and express their grievance to each other under supervision of Dr Prashant Bhimani. In such kind of therapies, Dr Bhimani helps a family to stop blaming each other for the problem and instead helps them interact in different ways to help solve the problem.

At Healthy Minds, family therapy is often recommended if a child has a behavior problem as more often than not it is the family’s attitude and behavior that causes the child to behave in the particular manner. Eating disorders in adolescents and adjustment issues with new members of a family (for example when a newly-wed woman enters into a joint family) are often treated with family therapy.


Counseling sessions at “Healthy Minds” are clinical guidance sessions where Dr Bhimani addresses specific behavioral issues. Although many processes overlap with a therapy session, counseling is a much briefer treatment which can address a particular problem by a clinical one-to-one talk.


Bringing up a child today is hindered by several issues like faulty parenting, media and internet exposure, and peer pressure. Mostly unrecognized as problems these influences lead to a child or a teenager’s erratic behavior, study problems, exam phobias, emotional disturbances, academic underperformance and maladjustment with parents or friends.

Instead of blaming only the child or the teenager under such circumstances Dr Bhimani, during the child-parent counseling session at Healthy Minds, guides the parents on healthy parenting techniques to deal with the above mentioned problems. He also holds individual sessions with the child or the teenager to induce positive behavioral change, proper study habits and helps them gain better academic performance.


Marriages are made in heaven but they have to be lived on earth. And, a married couple living in the Indian society today has to lead a tough life. Not only does the couple have to deal with hectic lifestyles, it has to maintain equations of extended families vis-à-vis a transition from old to modern day social structures (nuclear families v/s joint families) and bring up children in a competitive environment while striving survive in a fast-growing materialistic world.

Such a task is more daunting than it sounds while read out and indeed most of these factors are increasingly becoming causal factors of marriages breaking up in the Indian society, which was once well-known around the globe for its solid foundation of marriage.

A little bit of help in the form of Marital Counseling from an experienced psychologist under these circumstances can hence save a marriage. Marital counseling helps a couple, whether old or newly-wed, to overcome severe differences in married life. These differences if ignored and left unaddressed often lead to separation and finally divorce.

At Healthy Minds both partners are given individual as well as joint counseling for psychological differences, emotional conflicts, adjustment problems, psycho-sexual problems among others by none other than Dr Bhimani who has won acclaims for his book on relationships based on these clinical experiences by the name of Hun ane Tun.

At the threshold of marriage too, a pre-marriage counseling session at Healthy Minds is very helpful for a couple about to begin this new phase in their lives. Each partner is taught how to adjust with their future spouse, how to resolve financial issues if any and most specifically given the right scientific and psychological knowledge of physical relationships and its complications and consequences.


Every human is different from the other. Thus, every human also deals very specific troubles that become a hurdle in their day-to-day living.

For such specific troubles that are not general to all Dr Prashant Bhimani conducts counseling at individual level. Dr Bhimani guides individuals on work related issues, day-to-day life stress, adjustment problems, and behavioral abnormalities.



Not many take career counseling considering it an advice not required. On the contrary, career counseling is one of the key advices that shape one’s future. Most importantly, bad career choices (for e.g. someone prone towards accounting taking up a field sales job) can lead to negative stress, underperformance, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

At Healthy Minds, Dr Bhimani talks with individuals at the start of their work life and guides them through to making the right choice at the right time to achieve a successful career.

These career counseling sessions can also be organized at schools for children to be guided on their future careers at a very early stage.


Quitting alcohol, smoke, tobacco chewing, drugs or any other kind of addiction requires high levels of mental strength. Regular de-addiction counseling sessions at Healthy Minds helps the patient harness that inner strength to overcome the addiction.


In today’s world of technology, distance is not a barrier when it comes to availing services of renowned experts. Similarly, for availing the services of Dr Bhimani at “Healthy Minds”, even if a person has to travel, shift base or a person who lives in another city, state or country can apply for online counseling sessions.


Organizations, business schools and professional universities in India have begun using psychometric tests for choosing candidates for admission, recruitment, performance evaluation and promotions.

At “Healthy Minds”, we conduct psychometric tests for individuals to help collect objective data for subjective measurements like personality, intelligence, attitude and aptitude. Thus by using the result of these tests our clients can make objective and impartial judgment while hiring people or rating their performance.

At “Healthy Minds”, we have a separate testing area where candidates can take their tests in isolation and under monitoring.


An IQ test analyses certain aspects of intelligence such as logical reasoning, math skills, spatial skills, understanding analogies and verbal skills. It indicates a person’s mental abilities vis-à-vis the abilities of others of the same age. If measured accurately, these can be reliable predictors of academic and financial success.


Aptitude test is a scientific predictor of unseen potential. Thus assessment of aptitude and ability tests at Healthy Minds is designed to assess thinking abilities with the help of logical reasoning.

The tests are mostly used by Human Resource management to assess a candidate’s capacity for the job applied for. The tests are also conducted while assigning new responsibilities to existing candidates.

While widely used during recruitment, an aptitude test can also guide an individual at an early age of student life. A student taking this test can be told his hidden abilities and shown the right career path helping him or her to develop skills accordingly.


Personality tests at Healthy Minds help quantify an individual’s personality by asking about feelings, thoughts and behavior. Individuals are asked situational questions and are required to tick a choice of action which suggests their personality type. Personality tests usually indicate to an employer the level of enthusiasm, motivation, attitude and general work style.


A projective test is a type of personality test in which the individual offers responses to ambiguous scenes, words or images. The test at Healthy Minds is based on the principle that people have unconscious thoughts or urges which can be uncovered from the kind of responses thus revealing unconscious motivations or attitudes are revealed.


A scale used to measure relationship between a husband and wife, adjustment scale is made up of 32 items which explore four interdependent dimensions between husband and wife: These are agreement, cohesion (consistency), satisfaction and expression of that satisfaction with their affective and sexual life.


A test that can reveal the causes of a marital problem, compatibility tests, as the name suggests, gives an objective data of compatibility between two individuals. This test can be taken by couples in arranged marriages for the obvious advantages of knowing their compatibility levels.


Emotional intelligenceis a self-perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. While IQ tests can predict a significant degree of academic performance, an Emotional Quotient test can predict how their lack or presence of emotional intelligence can add value to their chances of success. Emotional intelligence test evaluates several aspects of thinking, behaving and communicating. The results can help a person improve upon their weak areas and help better their chances to succeed. It helps improve inter-personal relationships as well.