About Healthy Minds

About Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds” is a health and happiness clinic where psychological mind power is harnessed and positivity is nurtured.

Human Beings are born powerful. They are born with the power within themselves to overcome negativities. In today’s times, whether one is a corporate hi-flier, a housewife, a student aspiring for a flourishing career, a child growing up with the exposure of a fast-changing world; each one is under constant struggle to keep at bay negativity that creeps into the mind. With negativity comes psychological ailments, some minor and some severe.

In such circumstances, all one needs to do is look within and one can find an immense, untapped potential of sub-conscious power. It is this sub-conscious power that “Healthy Minds” endeavors to harness.

A concept that facilitates therapy of various ailments that overpower the human mind, “Healthy Minds” is the brainchild of a renowned psychologist and multi-faceted personality Dr Prashant Bhimani. Pursuing a deep interest in scientific solutions of human behavioral issues with a view of positive psychology, Dr Bhimani has created this unique therapeutic world where positive psychology.

Led by Dr Bhimani and nurtured by a group of qualified experts, counselors and trained therapists this health and happiness clinic is one of its kind in Gujarat which runs on the principle that:

Life becomes worthwhile when one achieves Relaxation;

Relaxation leads to Health;

Happiness leads to Happiness;

Happiness facilitates Success,

These four cornerstones build a positive and powerful mind.